PRIVAT HealthCare Group Founder
Dr. Kalyan Sachdev
Group Chairman
"The man who 'airlifted' healthcare industry"

Dr Kalyan Sachdev, has many firsts associated with his name. Credited with having started the first multi-specialty hospital in Gurgaon, he is also the pioneer of air ambulance service in the country.

With medial degrees from world-renowned universities under his belt, Dr Sachdev's success story is synonymous with Gurgaon's ascent to the league of premier healthcare hubs of the world.

Born in Gujranwala of undivided India, Dr Sachdev pursued his education from the University of Vienna in Austria. He returned to India in 1971 to start a nursing home in New Delhi. But destiny had bigger plans for him.

"I was looking for a place which seemed to have a future, a place where I could provide quality as well as affordable healthcare and under good hygiene conditions. Gurgaon seemed to fit the criterion," says Sachdev.

Abhijeet Singh Sachdev
Group CEO

Abhijeet Singh Sachdev, currently is the Group CEO of PRIVAT Group. which is a family owned and run Health care enterprise. Its activities range from Hospital operations, Clinics, Travel Insurance and Travel Insurance services and Technology for the Insurance industry.
Abhijeet, has been the brains behind expanding the family enterprise and diversify its business in the various activities the firm currently operates as a whole. Abhijeet has been 12 years now in the family business and he has been a highly innovative individual taking into consideration a angle of "Good cause" for the benefit of people. All the business interprets Abhijeet has developed are in the field of Health care, Insurance and Assistance which ultimately exist for the cause of helping people in need for a greater cause


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